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stretch fabric ceiling: characteristics and features

Fabric stretch ceilings are coatings based on synthetic fabric. The material of the products resembles an ordinary knitted fabric, only a larger knit. In principle, this is actually the case, but to give the material strength, the fabric is impregnated with a polyurethane solution. The result is a durable fabric, which on the one hand has not lost its environmental friendliness in view of the use of natural material, and on the other – has a long service life.

Types of fabric ceilings

today, there are 2 production technology fabric ceiling – and Descor, Clipso. The first was developed in Switzerland, the second is a find of German masters. It is believed that the CLIPSO material has a wider weaving pitch and a massive thread, so it looks rougher than Descor.

Features of fabric stretch ceilings

Fabric stretch ceilings are presented only in a matte texture, which significantly reduces the demand for them. Despite the limited color palette, which consists of light neutral shades, this fact is not a disadvantage. The fact that the fabric stretch ceiling can be repeatedly repainted. For this purpose, conventional acrylic paints are used. In addition, the technique of large-format printing allows you to transfer any image to a synthetic fabric.


Installation of stretch ceilings made of fabric takes place by the wedge method without the use of a heat gun. This feature allows you to prevent the appearance of a specific smell that remains in the room after the installation of PVC ceilings.


Synthetic fabric even after treatment with a special solution will not be able to hold water for a long time, so in case of leakage, it is necessary to seek help as soon as possible. In addition, if in the process of draining will be necessary to dismantle the product – to set it back will not work.


the Fabric stretched ceilings often called the “breathable”. It fabric base of vendors offer customers in the case when a natural finish is crucial.


-Advantages of fabric coatings

-Natural material.

-No seams

-the Ability to repeatedly change the color

-«Cold» mounting method





the Disadvantages of suspended ceilings made of fabric


the long-term Inability to restrain himself water weight

-More complex care due to the porous structure

-higher cost – a fabric coating, as a rule, in 1,5-2 times higher ceilings of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

-Only matte texture

-Unable to mount / re-mount

You can order the installation of a stretch ceiling made of synthetic fabric in the company OU Fellikagroup . To do this, you need to contact its representatives in writing or orally, using the contact information from the official website. In the catalog of firm the full range of production is presented, and qualification of installation crew is guarantee of high-quality performance of works and long-term operation of a covering.